Have more fun birding. Improve your birding skills, through courses, videos, live events, and our community. This is like no other birding site! Even if you are brand new to birding, we will encourage you how to get out there confidently, have fun, feel good and connect with birds and nature.

Our story

Birding Your Best Life

Alvaro started this community out of a lifelong love of birds, birding and educating about birds. As a popular birding guide and workshop teacher, he realized that with current technology he could reach more people and teach more birders some of the skills, and abilities that will make birding easier, and more fun. 

  That is the “Birding” part of our name. How about the “Life” part? Over the years, Alvaro has realized that birding and connection to nature has been much more important and impactful than given credit for. Birding can be meditative, exciting, amazing, wonderful, healing, frustrating even. We discuss and learn how birding can add an amazing richness and joy to life, that is vital to our well being. Come join our birdy and fun community. 


Alvaro Introduces BYBL

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The basic element you will experience in this site, is the bird identification lessons and birding know-how. But there is more to it, life, community, health, and connection. This to is part of Birding Your Best Life

What is it?

Barn owl
A Community

There is nothing better than sharing the world of birds and nature with others. Not only because it is fun, but because we learn better together, and a bit of support is always great! 

Barn Swallow
A place to learn

We begin at “what bird is that?” which is not always easy. Our aim is to give you the tools to make it easier. But the end point is much richer than just knowing what a bird is called… 

Western Bluebird
Nothing like it

Until we built, Birding your Best Life, nothing like it existed. This is where all sorts of great things intersect, nature, fun, learning, tech, connection and becoming an active part in a non-judgemental birding community. 

Why Join Birding Your Best Life?

Have fun while you learn

Birding is fun. Learning about birds, should be fun too! If you are a beginner or have been at this for years, you will move fast on the learning curve. We are building a full library of content, articles, videos on all aspects of birding. This will grow!

Birding roadmap

For the beginner we will eventually create a roadmap on how to become a birder. From picking binoculars, to understanding migration, eBird, and how to identify the birds. This is coming soon, but not yet here.

Judgement free birding

We are all here to be helpful to each other, to encourage each other. Why? Because nature and birding is for everyone, and while it can be difficult and frustrating, like anything worth doing it takes work and patience. As a friendly community, we learn more quickly!

Share your joy!

Post your photos, post your wins, share your joy of nature! Yes it is not all goal oriented, and task oriented, Birding Your Best Life is also about sharing what you see, enjoy, and encounter out there. This is where you can even share your favorite field food recipes - why not?

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